Noir presents The Raven's Curse - Ghost Pirate Halloween

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You'd better start believing in ghost stories, Miss're in one..

Set sail for noir on Saturday October 31 and join the crew of the Raven - the most notorious ghost ship to sail the seven seas. A crew so vile, not even death could stop them from pillaging an' plundering - who be this crew of malcontents an' miscreants? YOU BE!

Show yer creativity with yer costumin' and posturin' and win yerselves a special prize for yer efforts! Whether ye be a freshly deceased recruit or a professional putrescent plunderer, we want to see you in all yer finery!

And o'course, the scurvy dogs known as the noir DJs will be on hand to provide tunes for your pleasure - the finest mix of gothic, post-punk, modern goth and dark alternative ye'll hear anywhere - with a smattering of piratical favourites to set the mood.

More details as they come..

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Event Date

  • Saturday, 31 October 2015
  • 10pm

Ticket Price

Noir presents The Raven's Curse - Ghost Pirate Halloween

  • Ticket Price TBA

Event Location


Melbourne Goth
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Melbourne Goth
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